Our Story

Founded in March 2015 in São Paulo, Brazil, by Encodit IT Solutions, the project began in August 2014. Transkids App is the first application in Brazil to create a communication channel between school bus drivers and parents.
The idea is simple yet innovative: utilize the technology available in your smartphone, to the service of school bus driver and parents.

Transkids App

Transkids App creates a channel of communication between the school bus drivers and parents, facilitating the daily tasks of school bus driver, you will have all the information just when you need it. For parents, the app brings security and peace, because at any moment can see where the school bus his your children or receive notifications of school bus driver, indicating whether the child entered the school bus drew near school and then came home.

Why Transkids App?

✓ Learn real-time location of the school bus carrying his children

✓ Receive notifications of school bus driver and rest easy

✓ Have a direct channel of communication with the driver of the school bus your children


transkidsapp android

transkidsapp android