What’s Transkids App?

Transkids App is a mobile application designed to facilitate the relationship between the school bus drivers and parents/guardians of students.
In addition, the app provides security for children, management and ease the driver and tranquiladade to parents/guardians.


Parents need make download the app too?

Not necessarily.
If the parent/guardian download the app it can monitor in real time the location of the school bus. But to get the driver notices (he entered the van,arrived at school and came home) need not have the app.

Works on Windows Phone?

At the moment we only have the application on the Android platform .
Transkids App is already in development for iOS/Web App and will soon be developed for Windows Phone.

What feature the Transkids App can i use?

– List of all children who transports.
– Access to data (phone/email) of the parent/guardian of the child.
– Add passengers.
– Show map with children who are transported.
– Show map with real-time traffic information.
– Profile views (View/Change).
Even better, all in just a few clicks on your mobile screen.

How do I use the app?

After registration on the Transkids App, add the kids rafting , and with a few clicks, report by SMS parents/guardians of the child has been delivered to school or has been delivered at home.

Parents / Guardians

What feature the Transkids App can I use?

– List my sons
– List all drivers who carry my sons
– Profile of drivers
– Track your son’s school bus driver in real-time by maps

How to track my son on the school bus?

First, make sure the school bus driver uses Transkids App (For Drivers), if use, just ask him to include your son in the children list and link you to be parent.
Okay, now you can already track where the school bus your son, and can receives messages from school bus driver informing where his son was delivered: At school or at home.

Any question was not answered after reading?

Send an email to , we will be happy to answer you.